Asus 3 (ZE552KL) Review


5.5 inch display1920 x 1080 pixel Super IPS+ LCD resolutionQualcomm Snapdragon 625 processorAndroid 6.0.1Up to lớn 4GB of RAMUp to 64GB of RAM16MP rear camera with Sony IMX298 sensor802.11ac WiFiBluetooth 4.2Up to lớn Cat. 6 LTE3,000 mAh batteryUSB 2.0 Type-C connectorGold, blue, black, or trắng colors availablePrice: $249 và up


The 3 (ZE552KL) is the mid range offering from this years hãng asus line-up. This model is 5.5-inch, but hãng asus also offers a smaller 5.2-inch 3 (ZE520KL) model which shares the same specs but just in a smaller size. The ZE552KL offers solid build quality, specs & price. It’s built khổng lồ offer the best value in this price range of phones.

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At the time of this review, the availability is a curious thing in North America. The US market does not have either the ZE552KL or the ZE520KL. The Canadian market however does have the ZE552KL available.

In case you are in the US & are wondering why you cannot get this phone, we don’t have an exact answer. According to asus the situation is unlikely to lớn change. So if you live in the US và want this 3 model, you will need lớn look at Canadian retailers (like or eBay sellers) who ship this North American variant to lớn the US. Your other option in the US is lớn look at the 3 Deluxe 5.5-inch (ZS550KL) which is significantly different looking và but maintains a mid range price compared lớn the other 3 series offerings.

First Impressions


Asus has a proven track record on innovation thanks to lớn great engineers and design teams. If you look across the entire 3 line-up, they deserve some real credit on what they have achieved. The evolution from 2 to lớn 3 is remarkable in terms of design và looks.


The 3 is a beautiful smartphone. The Gorilla glass which covers the front and rear gives this phone a real precious look. Having glass surrounding a điện thoại is not a common design & in terms of uniqueness, asus scores big here.

There are a couple concerns though when handling the 3. The back of the phone gives it a sense of fragility. For example, placing this glass backed phone on surfaces does cause concerns of scratching. Additionally we found the full glass design khổng lồ be slippery and slick. Sure that means without a case or cover it can slide nicely & easily into a pocket, but by the same token it also means that it can slide out just as easily.


So from a cosmetic perspective, the thiết kế looks gorgeous. However from a practical viewpoint, this phone needs some protection on it because a drop on the glass backing will result in dire consequences. Gorilla Glass sounds great in theory, but it’s not armor. It’s not going khổng lồ save this phone from cracking badly và we’ve seen evidence of this from a YouTube drop test. Additionally a case or cover will give it some needed grip.


The kiến thiết on the front of the 3 gives a hint of the Samsung Edge design, but the curvature is far less dramatic or noticeable. This is a good thing in our books because the Samsung Edge kiến thiết is dramatic and seems gimicky. Asus refers khổng lồ this kiến thiết as a 2.5 chiều display because of this curved edge effects utilizing Gorilla Glass on the front & rear.

The chrome trim looks sharp & accents both the edges & camera hump on the rear of the phone. Sand blasted edges make it super smooth lớn handle. It’s not clever marketing when hãng asus touts the smooth edges. They did something amazing here.

When I first put the 3 in my hand, it definitely feels light and thin. It’s very comfortable to lớn hold with the rounded edges & the glass build gives it a slick feeling. I’ve been used to lớn a Nexus 5 which has a more tacky feel which made me realize that the 3 in its bare form could be slippery in the wrong pocket.


The volume rocker and power button are on the right side of the 3. People in other review have made mention of the Zen like “concentric circle” kiến thiết on these buttons. Big deal? Well the fact is the buttons are grooved with those circles. You can feel the ridges under finger which give a more solid và less slippery response. The click response is excellent.

Asus really deserved some props here on a nice looking và premium design and feel. People have voiced some displeasure about the price increases from 2 to 3, but the reality is the thiết kế has truly evolved. It’s very unique and thought out. In a way it’s a shame lớn cover up a lot of the subtle thiết kế features with a bumper case which so many of us over up doing.

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The mã sản phẩm we are reviewing is actually called Dark blue or Sapphire đen depending on what spec sheet or website you’re looking at. The reality is that in North America, this màu sắc model is being sold as Dark xanh even though on the hãng asus website there is no such color listed. There are three colors listed on the asus website which include White, Gold và Black (which is actually Dark Blue). Most markets will not get all three colors. In Canada the Dark Blue and White colors are available.

The box contents of the 3 (ZE552KL) includes a headset, USB-C charge cable & power adapter, sim card tool, phone serial và IMEI number stickers and tiny users manual. If you want to lớn actually read a real user’s manual with more in-depth information, then you will need to tải về the PDF which we have for you here.


Using the 3 (ZE552KL)

On first boot up there are the typical greeting pages and cài đặt requirements. If you want to lớn utilize the miễn phí 100GB Google online storage you can phối that up during the initial setup. Additionally, there is a wizard if you already have an apk phone và want to easily transfer everything khổng lồ this 3.

When you first start using the 3 (ZE552KL) you are greeted with a number of quick tip tutorial pop ups. Most of these can be easily skipped, but it is an annoyance albeit a short live one. The operating system only prompts the tutorials on first run so it’s not an ongoing issue. Depending on your cấp độ of comfort with android and hãng asus devices, these tutorial may actually be considered a benefit rather than a hassle.

The 3 (ZE552KL) runs game android 6.0 along with ZenUI 3.0. We will get deeper into ZenUI 3.0 later in this review, but for now think of this as a layer of the operating system that asus added to Android. It’s a deeper amount of settings, customizations and personalizations than the pure apk OS provides.

If you fear a mid range processor lượt thích the Snapdragon 625, don’t. Performance is snappy and the 4GB of RAM rounds out the competent hardware inside the 3 (ZE552KL). Under heavy loads the phone runs colder than many of its counterparts. I’ve seen some comparison temperature testing and the ZE552KL runs cooler than most which helps maintain a good battery life.


The capacitive navigation buttons like “home”, “back” and “recent apps” are not back lit, but you can see the buttons are clear to see with the silver on black. The 3 comes with a fingerprint sensor which is located on the back of the phone. One shortcoming with the fingerprint sensor is the location. For example when you place the phone on a table you can’t access the fingerprint sensor without picking up the phone. Not a khuyến mãi breaker, but an inconvenience for sure.


If you look at most polls, the most valued aspect of a smartphone is a cheap price followed by battery life. Where is the love for a great display?


After using the 3 (ZE552KL) for good amount of time, I found the display as strongest aspect of the phone. It’s the level of brightness where this display really impresses. If you dare to lớn max out the brightness, the screen really pops.

With a resolution of 1920 x 1080 it’s not at the vị trí cao nhất of class 2560 x 1440 level, but the 3 (ZE552KL) does cốt truyện the same resolution as the popular iPhone 7 Plus. If it’s good enough for táo apple then it should be good enough for hãng asus right?

To give a technical look at brightness, let’s look at nits ratings. If you look at the competing smartphones, they are top end, premium priced flagship models. With the much cheaper price of the 3 (ZE552KL) it’s impressive lớn get such a quality display.

Brightness Comparison:

672 nits – iPhone 7 Plus610 nits – Galaxy S6 Edge603 nits – iPhone 7600 nits – 3535 nits – LG G4442 nits – 2


The 3 (ZE552KL) comes with a 5-magnet single mono speaker. Asus claims that the speaker design fetches a 40% performance improvement. I can verify that the speaker provides crisp clear sound without distortion. It can also provide more than enough volume for most environments.


Having a mono speaker versus a pair of stereo speakers should not be a khuyễn mãi giảm giá breaker. Look no further than other flagship smartphones from Samsung and Apple that also make use of a single mono speaker. Given the speaker location on the bottom over of the phone there would ultimately be very little stereo separation và even then the audio is directed out the sides of the phone and not towards your ears. Clarity and volume are key. Headsets & external speakers are for when sound is of the utmost importance.