Blessed with a picture-perfect 21st Century skyline, Ho đưa ra Minh city is one of South East Asia’s best nightlife destinations. And there’s no better place to take in Ho chi Minh City’s views than in one of its rooftop bars. From bars blasting electronic music until the early hours to intimate speakeasies & quiet cocktail bars, picking the right watering hole can be tricky.

With new restaurants và bars popping up all the time, one category that has become increasingly popular amongst Saigon residents and tourists alike is rooftop bars & restaurants. Thankfully in Ho bỏ ra Minh City, one is spoilt for choice with rooftop bars và restaurants to lớn enjoy a tipple, feel the wind in your hair & take in the city"s stunning skyline views.

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Cocktail and Bar Culture in Vietnam

The bar industry in Ho đưa ra Minh đô thị is growing at a rapid pace, with bar owners và staff constantly looking for new ways to lớn stand out from the competition. With more than 80 bars now xuất hiện in District 1 alone, it can be hard for bar-goers khổng lồ know where khổng lồ go when they"re looking for a night of drinking.

The reasons behind the prolific growth of Ho chi Minh City"s bar industry are many và varied.

A growing trend among young people in Vietnam khổng lồ socialize and drink in bars, as opposed to lớn at trang chủ or in karaoke lounges because bar culture is seen as more sophisticated và cosmopolitan

The bar industry has become much more professional in recent years, with bar staff being better trained and more knowledgeable about cocktails & spirits

With more people wanting lớn experience new cocktails and spirits, bar owners in Ho chi Minh city are constantly innovating in order to lớn attract more customers. This includes offering unique cocktails, setting up DJ booths và dance floors, và installing outdoor seating areas. In addition, many bars are now featuring live music or open-mic nights in an effort khổng lồ create a more intimate & engaging atmosphere.

Here is a danh sách of my top 10 rooftop restaurants và bars in Ho chi Minh City:


Banana Mama

Bored of the same old bar scene? Banana Mama is here lớn spice things up! Serving up cocktails with a tropical twist, this bar offers something for everyone. Whether you"re looking for someone khổng lồ chat with, or want a more intimate experience, Banana Mama has your back. With live music on Friday and Saturday nights & plenty of seating outside,

Banana Mama is the perfect bar for those looking to experience something new và exciting. With live music on Friday and Saturday nights, as well as a wide variety of cocktails, this bar is sure lớn impress. Whether you"re looking for a place to socialize or want a more intimate setting, Banana Mama has you covered.

Breeze Sky Bar

One of the most iconic bars in Ho chi Minh City, Breeze Sky Bar is located on the 5th floor of the hotel Majestic Saigon, an old French colonial building, which will take you back to the days of Indochina. It was, after all, a favourite watering hole of Thomas Fowler, the cynical main character in The Quiet American, Graham Greene"s acclaimed novel set in 1950s Old Saigon.

Its drinks evoke romantic notions of the past, with the "Happy Saigon", one of its signature cocktails, dating back khổng lồ the 1920s. Live Flamenco và Latin music pervades the nighttime air and is the perfect accompaniment khổng lồ gaze out at the passing tankers & sunset glowing over the Saigon River. Unlike many rooftop bars, Breeze Sky Bar is xuất hiện from morning to evening, making it a great location for brunch and daytime alfresco dining.

After your visit, stroll along nearby Nguyen Hue Walking Street, where you"ll be flung back into the midst of modern Ho chi Minh City, wondering if it was all a dream.

Address: hotel Majestic, thành phố Hồ Chí Minh, Quận 1, Đồng Khởi, 3 - 5 (Khach sa

Chanh Bistro and Restaurant

Located in the heart of HCMC, Chanh bistro is on the fifth floor of a charming colonial building. With low lighting and views across district 1, the space is ideal for a low-key dinner or gathering with friends.

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Open from 11 am, guests can enjoy the daily boozy brunch special for only VND 299,000 featuring a range of classics lượt thích eggs benedict, french toast và smoked salmon with scrambled eggs. Best part? You can địa chỉ cửa hàng VND 200,000 for 2 hours of all-you-can-drink! At night, there is a larger range of international offerings & evening go-ers can tuck into the likes of Crispy duck breast (259k), Seafood bouillabaisse (229k) & Australian steaks (from 459k). There are also 4-course set menus for those with bigger appetites, as well as an extensive wine và cocktail thực đơn for you lớn indulge in.

Address: 215 Lý trường đoản cú Trọng, Phường Bến Thành, Quận 1, thành phố hồ chí minh 70000

Brick and Barrel

Saigon"s newest chicken, burger and pizza joint, Brick and Barrel is a casual và comfortable watering hole in the heart of District 1 with a spacious rooftop venue located above the famous Tomatito và Maison Marou on Calmette street.

Considering its popularity in its few months of opening, it’s safe khổng lồ say Brick và Barrel is definitely a welcomed addition to the area và we’re all here for it. There are huge timber tables ensuring a fair distance is kept between diners and all team members wear masks và have sanitisers placed around the restaurant.

Saigon Saigon Bar

Opening in 1959, Saigon Saigon Bar is located on the 10th floor of the famous Caravelle Saigon hotel and is a well-known drinking institution. While many today know Saigon Saigon Bar for its unrivalled thành phố views & fashionable cocktails, it was also a safe lookout point for foreign correspondents in wartime Vietnam.

And, while Saigon Saigon Bar has been wholly restored, it still evokes a trace of historic flair và offers spectacular views of the city. If you find yourself peckish before your drinks, head down lớn Café de l’Opera, located on the ground lobby of the khách sạn to enjoy its afternoon tea menu as well as thắm thiết intimate views of the Opera House và Lam Son Square.

Address: khách sạn Majestic, tp Hồ Chí Minh, Quận 1, Đồng Khởi, 3 - 5 (Khach saContact: 028 382 95514 / Facebook


BEL cà phê - Rooftop Bar

Launched in 2022, BEL is a new rooftop bar in Saigon. Và if the name ‘BEL’ rings a bell (pun intended), it’s because BEL is a dual-space that offers coffee by day & wine by night - or vice versa, if you fancy.While it appears lớn be a juxtaposition, it’s only natural that groovy alcoholic beverages would appear on coffee cửa hàng menus & enjoyed by both biodynamic Riesling enthusiasts as well as third-wave coffee cửa hàng connoisseurs. Besides, who best khổng lồ appreciate (understand) the varietal origins of wine than those obsessed with the varied terroirs of coffee beans?

BEL’s rooftop bar is located on the 7th floor and has a modern và sleek design, lush greenery và open-air surroundings that give you a great view of the cityscape và riverfront. Coupled with a cosy but growing wine danh sách offering wine by the glass (from 150,000 VND per glass) from a range of regions like Germany, Argentina và California. We recommend checking out BEL on Fridays for buy-one-get-one-free Frose & Aperol Spritz. You may have just found your new spot to transition from work to relaxation - without having to lớn even leave your table.

*Only open on Fridays and Saturdays

ETTU Cocktail Bar

A new kid on the block, Ettu has been making waves since its opening in 2018. With neon lights & cages & trendy seating, the bar has an edgy but inviting vibe.Outside, you’ll set foot into a deck with views over Landmark 81, where patrons can throw shapes or enjoy one of the bar’s regular acoustic nights.

With classic and signature cocktails starting at 118k và 168k respectively, Ettu offers some of the best value drinks in the industry. Highlights include the Blueberry Rum Smash và Everblooming Fizz, which is also available by the bucket - yum! & if you thought things couldn’t get any better, the bar’s Ladies Night has freeflow for only 399k per person.

Address: 32 hang cùng ngõ hẻm 602 Điện Biên Phủ, Phường 22, Bình Thạnh, Thành, HCMC


Cafe Des Stagiaires

Located in Thao Dien in District 2, coffe Des Stagiaires is a 3-story bar-cum-restaurant located along the Saigon River offering a thắm thiết scenic view of the city & its most iconic landmark - Landmark 81.

Perfect for an evening sunset tipple or an urban escape, the atmosphere is relaxed and cosy owing lớn its rustic-chic interiors - dimly-lit Christmas lights, wooden bench furniture as well as colourful pillows & throws. On the thực đơn front, you can find craft beer, cocktails và wine (of course) as well as a selection of bar snacks & timeless French classics. Oui!

Lunar Lounge

Say hello khổng lồ Lunar Lounge, an open-air rooftop bar where you can catch a calming vista of Saigon’s skyline while enjoying an ice-cold craft bevvie. Perhaps a response to lớn the city’s overwhelming thirst for both quality cocktails in a relaxing outdoor space amidst the bustling city of Saigon, Lunar Lounge opened in the face of the pandemic & all I can say is “thank god!”.

Still in its soft opening, Lunar Lounge has fast become a popular watering hole for locals and expatriates alike - a feat only many can admire. A testament khổng lồ not only its unrivalled views but also its fuss-free drinks thực đơn featuring nothing but the best and the classics. For Lunar, simplicity is key.


Social Club

With a fully open-air bar and infinity rooftop bar, the Social Club is located above the khách sạn Des Artes & enjoys one of the best views of HCMC. With a relaxed but upbeat feel, the DJs ensure the social club caters to lớn anyone - from the post-work drinks crowd to the late-night revellers.

The bar’s craft cocktails, inspired by French perfumes, are a hit amongst patrons. Favourite signature cocktails include đen Opium (Glenlivet 12 yr, Chambord, Martell VSOP, and cold brew coffee) & Havana Ooh Na-Na - a Cuban twist featuring rum, raspberry, peach and lime, shaken with yoghurt & egg white. With informal high chairs and sofas & a relaxed dress code, expect a more casual ambience than similar high-end bars.

Address: MGallery Saigon, Floor 24, 76-78 Nguyễn Thị Minh Khai, Quận 3, thành phố Hồ Chí Minh