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Highly Recommended awardThe RX100 IV becomes one of the smallest traditional compacts with 4k video, và the slow motion modes from 4x to 40x are simply fantastic. Whether you"re a film-maker, someone who analyses sports motion, or simply enjoys footage of your kids or pets running and splashing around, the RX100 IV delivers a combination of quality and features that hasn"t before existed in a pocket size factor. They enhance what was already one of the best compacts around & if you can exploit them, the Mark IV is the compact for you. So while this fourth generation of the RX100 series has become a more specialist rather than mainstream product, I"m still happy to award it a Highly Recommended. If you don"t need 4k or slow motion đoạn phim though, check out the earlier Mark III.Buy it now!

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Sony RX100 IV review1st December 2015


The Sony RX100 IV is arguably the most powerful compact camera around, packing a wealth of features lớn delight still photographers và videographers into a genuinely pocketable body. The combination of high-end features in a small body toàn thân are what makes the RX100 IV chất lượng – sure, there are even more capable cameras with bigger sensors too, but their bodies are correspondingly larger, and while Canon has managed khổng lồ squeeze the 1in sensor into a slimmer body with the G9X, its overall feature-set doesn’t come close to the Mark IV.

The basics of the RX100 Mark IV may be inherited from the year-old Mark III, but remain impressive on this latest generation: the 24-70mm f1.8-2.8 lens, popup viewfinder, & tilting screen which angles forward lớn face the subject for selfies or filming vlogs. The viewfinder is the highlight, appearing as if from nowhere inside the body, but now packing a more detailed panel than before – it’d be good on any camera, but the fact it folds flush into a pocket toàn thân remains one of Sony’s famous miracles of miniaturisation.

As before there’s a ton of control over exposure and focus, complemented by numerous guides including focus peaking & zebra patterns. Dig a little deeper & you’ll find a number of enhancements over the Mark III including a new electronic shutter supporting shutter speeds to lớn 1/32000, deeper nine-frame exposure bracketing with a new self-timer option khổng lồ trigger the burst hands-free, an expanded flexible spot focusing mode, & the chance lớn not only charge the camera over USB but actually shoot when powered by an external source, just lượt thích the latest Alpha A7 cameras.