July 15, 2021 - 13:37 BST Hannah Hargrave The Great"s Elle Fanning stunned fans with an emotional post on Instagram along with a rare photo of her mom and her sister Dakota Fanning too

Elle Fanning has a close bond with her mother, Heather Joy Arrington, making it incredibly difficult khổng lồ be away from her on days like these.

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The Great actress rarely shares photos of her mom - who prefers to stay firmly out of the spotlight - but was thrust into the glare of her daughter"s social media on Wednesday for a heartfelt reason.

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Elle posted a pair of photos featuring her famous sister, Dakota Fanning, and Heather too. In the snapshot of all three of them, the sisters looked so alike as they flagged their mom who stood between them.

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The 23-year-old star explained the reason for the snapshots - which also included a fun throwback of Heather from her youth - when she revealed: "Today is the GREATEST day of all because it"s my beautiful mommy’s BIRTHDAY!!

"I haven"t seen her for toooo many months now, need lớn get home and have the biggest longest hug!!!!🫂Only a few more days... I LOVE YOU SO MUCH MOM!!!!!!"

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A post shared by Elle Fanning (

Elle shared a look at her private family photo album

The COVID-19 pandemic has likely kept the mother-daughter duo apart và Elle"s filming schedule will have only added lớn their extended time away from one another.

While Heather rarely steps into her children"s Hollywood domain, there is no doubt she helped make it happen for her famous offspring.

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Elle has spoken about her mom"s dedication to their craft and told The Guardian that Heather "sacrificed so much," khổng lồ move to Los Angeles to lớn allow them lớn pursue their dreams.

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Elle và her sister Dakota moved to lớn Hollywood when they were young

The family initially moved for Elle"s older sister Dakota, but if it wasn"t for her mom và sister she would never have discovered her passion too.

"I had the luxury of knowing what I want to vày because of her," she added.

Sadly Heather and her daughters" father, Steven J. Fanning, divorced in 2018 after 25 years of marriage.

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