The tuy nhiên is a great example of lyrical dissonance, as the upbeat disco groove accompanies a lyric of loneliness và despair. The singer has lost her (or his - chú ý how it"s gender-neutral) love, and wonders if she can find the strength lớn go on.

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Yvonne Elliman got her start as a backup singer for Eric Clapton and performed on many of his "70s hits including "I Shot the Sheriff." This tuy vậy made her the first Asian/Pacific Islander to lớn have a #1 hit - she hails from Honolulu, Hawaii.

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Armin from Dallas/fort WorthDoes anyone remember the episode of Hawaii Five-O that featured lots of disco music và a guest-starring role by Ms. Elliman?Ctbob from ConnecticutSadly, ANYONE who performed Saturday Night Fever songs became famous. Those years were torture!George from Vancouver, Canadafun Mondegreen to lớn sing: "If I can"t have you/I don"t want your ugly baby"If I can"t have you, I don"t want your body, baby? Well, that"s kind of the idea; I go with my body!Ed Cooper from Annapolis, MarylandTo Denise from California"s question about "...what is she singing in between the end of the 1st & 2nd verse?", she"s saying: Your heart lớn holdBe there foreverAnd everAnd everDo vì chưng do doDo vị doAh ah ah ahDenise from California If anyone Hawaiians out there can tell me what is she singing in between the kết thúc of the 1st and 2nd verse? Bob Raduenz from 55330I had not realized that "If I Can"t Have You" hit for Yvonne Elliman, was written và performed by the BEE GEES until I heard it on North coast hits radio in Cleveland 0hio. What a find, faultless tuy nhiên as shown by success by various artists..BRAVO!Kenneth from Utica, Nywhat are those words she sings in between the over of the chorus the 1st time & the 2nd verse? I can"t make them out!Urbanomad from Cary, Nc, UsaFrench HornsEduardo Chavarria from San Jose, Costa RicaI"ve read there were no brass instruments in the recording of this beautiful song. There is, however, a sound that resembles a trombone (aprox. At 0:09, at 1:15, & again at 2:09 on the video.) Could it be achieved by producer Freddie Perren, who played synthesizer? Or is it another instrument that is resembles? On the video, there is a guy who seems to lớn be playing a sax, but I don"t think that is a sax sound.Bruce from San Jose, Calif.This song was on the radio when I had my first (ahem) “experience” with a lady I was 17, & she was 23)...She was in it for just a fling, but I was still in “puppy luv” with her for months afterwards & this song, “If I can’t have you, I don’t want Nobody baby” really matched my desperate feelings of unrequited love for her...Eric from Florida Does anyone know if the horns so prominent in the tuy vậy are trombones or French horns?Barry from Sauquoit, NyOn February 11th 1978, Yvonne Elliman performed "If I Can"t Have You" on the ABC-TV program "American Bandstand"...At the time the tuy nhiên was at #63 on Billboard"s Hot vị trí cao nhất 100 chart; và thirteen weeks later on May 7th, 1978 it would peaked at #1 for 2 weeks and spent 22 weeks on the vị trí cao nhất 100...And on May 6th, 1978 it also reached #1 for 2 weeks on the Canadian RPM Singles chart peaked at #9 on Billboard"s Adult Contemporary Tracks chart...Between 1971 & 1979 the Hawaiian songstress had seven vị trí cao nhất 100 records; her next biggest hit was "Love Me", it peaked at #14 in 1976 her covered version of "Hello Stranger" did peak at one position lower at #15 in 1977.Terry from Va.beach, Vadang she was hot back in the day...Jim from Kennett Square, PaI know this song was written by the Brothers Gibb, và its a terrific tuy vậy too. But when I click khổng lồ view the lyrics, at the bottom of the page it says this tuy nhiên was written by Richard Rodgers and Lorenz Hart. Could we give credit where credit is due please? Many thanks!Grant from Tampa, FlGreat singer, and she was lucky enough to get it on with Clapton when she was a back-up singer in his band. I think he talks about it in his book. She"s one of his legendary thousand women.Gary from Watford, United Kingdoma backing singer in the eric clapton band at the time along with marcy levy, a great solo effort though.Joe from Chicago, IlI have it on CD, too.Jeff from Austin, TxThis tuy vậy is so dramatic!! The Brothers Gibb have lớn be in the vị trí cao nhất 5 all time songwriters.Dale from Santa Fe, NmHer 2004 album, Simple Needs, has a picture of her on it.Tom from Dozier, AlI heard the Bee Gees version of this on the B side of "Stayin" Alive". I like their version the best of the two.Darrell from EugeneI have the "Saturday Night Fever" soundtrack on vinyl, 8-track, CD & cassette, & I bought all of them new except for all four of my back-up 8-tracks (I still drive a huge land-barge with an 8-track player every day). By the way, Yvonne was beautiful at that time... Wonder what she looks like now?see more comments
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