Both of them fall on February 8, 2016. If you plan to lớn visit Vietnam and đài loan trung quốc during these New Year holiday, it will be a special cultural experience lớn celebrate the traditional New Year with the locals.

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Chinese New Year

The Chinese Lunar New Year, also known as the Spring Festival is the most important traditional festival for all Chinese. It is the time for the whole families khổng lồ reunion together. Chinese families usually have a New Year banquet with fireworks celebration after the dinner. There are still different customs between northern and southern China. In northern China, it is customary khổng lồ make dumplings after dinner lớn ear around midnight, while in the south, it is customary khổng lồ make a glutinous new year cake & send pieces of it as gifts to lớn relatives và friends in the coming days of the new year. & there will be many New Year celebrations held at local temples or main traditional sites of the cities. If you visit đài loan trung quốc during the Spring Festival, you can go out & join in the locals.


The local celebrations during Chinese Spring Festival holiday.

Vietnamese New Year

The Vietnam New Year (Tet Nguyen Dan), is t he biggest festival of the year in Vietnam. Just lượt thích the Chinese Lunar New Year, it is celebrated on the first day of the first month in Lunar Calendar & will last for seven days. In Vietnamese language, khổng lồ celebrate Tet literally means eat Tet, which shows the importance of food in its celebration.


Flowers decorated in front of the shops to lớn celebrate the Vietnamese New Year Holiday.

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Here are some of the traditional foods. If you visit Vietnam during the Tet holiday, you will not miss a chance lớn taste them.

Banh bình thường (Banh Tet): a special rice cake with meat or bean fillings wrapped in dong leaves.Vietnamese Sausage (Gio Cha): It is another traditional food in Tet holiday, which is served with sticky rice and Banh Chung.Sticky Rice (Xoi): Along with Banh Chung, xoi is the main staple foods for Tet holiday, & it is also one of the important meals khổng lồ worship the ancestors.

Travelling to china and Vietnam during the New Year Holiday

If you have the opportunity to lớn visit đài loan trung quốc or Vietnam during the New Year holiday, make sure you join this festive & happy moments of the locals!

Wish you a Happy New Year again!

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