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Behind every coffee truck sent on filming sets, and special mentions on awarding shows, these K-drama stars go beyond lớn maintain a lowkey but strong friendship behind the glamorous life of showbiz.

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These celebrities namely, Lee Dong Wook, Gong Yoo, & more have developed special bonds through mutual friends or while working on the same projects.

Song Joong Ki và Lee Junho

Two of the most talked-about South Korean stars in entertainment, song Joong Ki and Lee Junho are indeed real-life besties. They became friends when they appeared in the KBS variety show "Let"s Go Dream Team" in 2009. Since then, as they worked separately their career boomed và their lowkey friendship got stronger.


(Photo : tuy vậy Joong Ki Instagram Story)Lee Junho and tuy nhiên Joong Ki

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The "Vincenzo" actor made a surprise appearance at Lee Junho"s first fan meeting in January & mentioned that they would love to lớn act lượt thích brothers in a drama.

Jo In Sung, EXO D.O. And Lee Kwang Soo

Fans also enjoyed seeing the adorable friendship of the "It"s Okay, That"s Love" stars Jo In Sung, Lee Kwang Soo, và EXO"s Doh Kyungsoo.


(Photo : Lee Kwang Soo"s Instagram)

They established a sweet brother-like relationship when they all starred in the same series. They never fail to lớn show their support to each other whenever someone has a new project.

Lee Dong Wook and Gong Yoo

Many have loved their bromance in năm nhâm thìn hit K-drama "Goblin." It was also the starting point of their blossoming friendship, actors Lee Dong Wook & Gong Yoo"s unique bond is seen by many even after the series concluded.

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(Photo : tvN)

Though they are private about their personal lives, fans still feel excited to lớn see their natural bonding on và off screens.

Park Seo Joon và Choi Woo Sik

Even before Wooga Squad was established, Korean heartthrobs Park Seo Joon và Choi Woo Sik were already friends. They started their bromance in 2012 in the KBS2 show "Family."


(Photo : Elite Daily)

The two have been friends for 10 years now, & traveling abroad for vacation is what they considered bonding. They even collaborated in the variety show "Youn"s Kitchen."

A-list stars song Hye Kyo & Yoo Ah In are also known for their friendship. The "Hellbound" actor always shows his tư vấn to the actress by sending coffee trucks every time she has new projects.


(Photo : Yoo Ah In Official Instagram)

Despite the 11-year age gap, high-profile actresses IU & Yoo In mãng cầu are going strong in their friendship. They have been friends since 2010 & shared some of their adorable stories through various Korean variety shows.

These are just some of the many more Korean celebrities who are best friends and real-life. Despite the busy and complicated life being a celebrity, these individuals have found their soulmates, who are also in the same industry.

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